Registration and Funding for the Connecticut Summer School 16

NOTE: Registration for the Summer School is now closed. The CTNT organizers received applications for our summer school Aug 8-12 from twice as many people as we could host at UConn, and at this time we regret to say there are no more seats available at the summer school.

To register only for the Research Conference on Elliptic Curves, Modular Forms, and related topics, follow this link instead.

This page contains details for registration and funding for the Connecticut Summer School in Number Theory (for advanced undergraduates, and beginning graduate students) that will take place August 8th-12th at UConn.

In order to register and request funding for the Summer School please follow this link

  • Summer School Registration and Funding. (Registration is now closed)

If you complete this registration, you do not need to complete the registration form for the conference. Applicants will be automatically considered for the research conference (please indicate in the registration form that you plan to attend the conference). To register only for the Research Conference on Elliptic Curves, Modular Forms, and related topics, follow this link instead.

List of registered participants (alphabetical):

  1. Allison Arnold-Roksandich, Oregon State University
  2. Angelica Babei, Dartmouth College
  3. Ye Bai, Northeastern University
  4. Nazerke Bakytzhan, The University of Chicago
  5. Olivia Beckwith, Emory University
  6. Elisa Bellah, University of Oregon
  7. Lea Beneish, Emory University
  8. Sarah Berner, University of Hawaii
  9. Dean Bisogno, Colorado State University
  10. Benjamin Breen, Dartmouth College
  11. Colleen Burns, University of Arkansas
  12. Hannah Burson, UIUC
  13. Kristin Carfora, University of Maryland
  14. Sara Chari, Dartmouth College
  15. Sarah Childs, Northeastern University
  16. Michael Chou (TA), University of Connecticut
  17. Hao-Wei Chu, Pennsylvania State University
  18. Keith Conrad (organizer), University of Connecticut
  19. Ryan Contreras, Boston College
  20. Rose Costanzo, The College of New Jersey
  21. Raemeon Cowan, UIUC
  22. Jack Dalton, University of Vermont
  23. Harris Daniels (lecturer), Amherst College
  24. Lian Duan, University of Massachusetts – Amherst
  25. Alexander Dunn, UIUC
  26. Amanda Folsom (organizer), Amherst College
  27. Maria Fox, Boston College
  28. Garvin Gaston, University of Vermont
  29. Tyler Genao, Florida Atlantic University
  30. Jonathan Gerhard, James Madison University
  31. Ivan Gorshkov, Stony Brook
  32. Dru Horne, University of Georgia
  33. Victoria Iba, Brigham Young University
  34. Floyd Johnson, Michigan Technological University
  35. Edna Jones, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
  36. Jetjaroen Klangwang, Oregon state university
  37. Hankun Ko, Brigham Young University
  38. Nakyung Lee, UC Berkeley
  39. Wanlin Li, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  40. Madeline Locus, Emory University
  41. Alvaro Lozano-Robledo (organizer), University of Connecticut
  42. Ben MacDonald, University of Vermont
  43. Robert McDonald (TA), University of Connecticut
  44. Dean Menezes, University of Texas at Austin
  45. Grant Molnar, Brigham Young University
  46. Eric Moss, Brigham Young University
  47. Michael Musty, Dartmouth College
  48. Jiakun Pan, Texas A & M
  49. Gaurav Pasari, UIUC
  50. Oron Propp, MIT
  51. Souparna Purohit, University of Texas at Austin
  52. Josiah Reiswig, University of South Carolina- Columbia
  53. Rufei Ren, UC Irvine
  54. Caroline Reno, University of Maine
  55. Aaron Robinett, Western Washington University
  56. Adrienne Sands, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
  57. Soumya Sankar, University of Wisconsin Madison
  58. Samuel Schiavone, Dartmouth College
  59. Jack Sempliner, University of Chicago
  60. Timothy Smits, University of Connecticut
  61. Christy Strauss, University of Oklahoma
  62. Garret Tirrell, University of Connecticut
  63. Jamie Tucker-Foltz, Amherst College
  64. Brady Tyburski, Colorado State University
  65. Christopher Vander, Wilt Brigham Young University
  66. John Voight (lecturer), Dartmouth College
  67. Cory Weinfeld, The College of New Jersey
  68. Liang Xiao (organizer), University of Connecticut
  69. Boris Xu, UIUC
  70. Jianing Yang, Colby College
  71. Bin Zhao (lecturer), University of Connecticut.
  72. Jiadong Zhu, University of Connecticut