Registration and Funding for the Connecticut Summer School 18

To register only for the Research Conference on Arithmetic Geometry, follow this link instead.

This page contains details for registration and funding for the Connecticut Summer School in Number Theory (for advanced undergraduates, and beginning graduate students) that will take place May 28-June 3, 2018, at UConn.

Note: This program is open only to students who are currently attending colleges and universities in North America. Funding for accepted participants will cover housing on campus, and either airfare reimbursement (on US flagged carriers only) or travel costs based on mileage if coming to UConn by car (but not transportation to/from the airport on either end), and a $180 registration fee for the summer school and conference.

In order to register and request funding for the summer school please follow this link

  • Registration is CLOSED (deadline was March 25th, 2018)

If you complete this registration, you do not need to complete the registration form for the conference. Applicants will be automatically considered for the research conference (please indicate in the registration form that you plan to attend the conference). To register only for the Research Conference on Arithmetic Geometry, follow this link instead.

List of registered participants (alphabetical by last name):

1 Irfan Alam Louisiana State
2 Asra Ali MIT
3 Michael Allen Oregon State
4 Chen An Duke
5 Sarah Arpin University of Colorado, Boulder
6 Alon Benhaim University of Pennsylvania
7 Walter Bridges Louisiana State
8 Aileen Button University of Vermont
9 Zhaodong Cai University of Pennsylvania
10 Nicholas Cameron Colby College
11 Emily Castner Mount Holyoke
12 Michael Cerchia Wake Forest
13 Chien-Hua Chen Penn State
14 Garen Chiloyan UConn
15 Shashank Chorge University of Rochester
16 Keith Conrad UConn Lecturer
17 Makenzie Cosgrove SUNY Buffalo
18 Jack Dalton University of South Carolina
19 Harris Daniels Amherst College Lecturer
20 Jeshu Dastidar Queens College
21 David Diaz Southern CT State
22 Marcus Elia University of Vermont
23 Kelly Emmrich University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
24 Rylan Gajek-Leonard UMass Amherst
25 Tom Gannon University of Texas at Austin
26 Zachary Gardner University of Texas at Austin
27 Louis Gaudet Rutgers
28 Nicholas Geis UC Santa Barbara
29 Tyler Genao University of Georgia
30 Jonathan Gerhard University of Michigan
31 Samprit Ghosh University of Toronto
32 Abhay Goel Kalamazoo College
33 Sophie Gonet University of Vermont
34 Miao(Pam) Gu University of British Columbia
35 Jonathan Hales Brigham Young University
36 Thomas Hameister University of Wisconsin-Madison
37 Trajan Hammonds Carnegie Mellon
38 Minsik Han Brown
39 Sachi Hashimoto Boston University Grad Assistant
40 Christian Hokaj University of Notre Dame
41 James Hughes Bowdoin College
42 Kelly Isham UC Irvine
43 Gail Jardine University of Rochester
44 Jeremy Johnson Humboldt State
45 Edna Jones Rutgers
46 Kalyani Kansal Johns Hopkins
47 Daniel Keliher Tufts
48 Christopher Keyes Tufts
49 Tristan Knight UConn
50 Elliot Krause Colorado State
51 Debanjana Kundu University of Toronto
52 Cemile Kurkoglu Indiana University
53 Juan Lanfranco University of Pennsylvania
54 Aubrey Laskowski
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
55 Eun Bi (Seraphina) Lee Cornell
56 Paul LeVan Notre Dame
57 Alvaro Lozano-Robledo UConn Lecturer
58 Ilya Marchenka Rice
59 Robert McDonald UConn Grad Assistant
60 Zonia Menendez Wesleyan
61 William Noland Penn State
62 Carlos Osco Huaricapcha San Francisco State
63 Zachary Parker University of Vermont
64 Joshua Parker University of Idaho
65 Justin Perkins-Ollila UConn
66 Timofey Peshin UC Santa Cruz
67 Nandita Sahajpal University of Kentucky
68 Frederick Saia University of Georgia
69 Isabella Tobin University of Hawaii
70 Trang Tran UC Riverside
71 Austin Tran UC Davis
72 Nha Truong UConn
73 Paul Vienhage Emory
74 Christelle Vincent UVA Lecturer
75 Richard Vradenburgh University of Virginia
76 Erik Wallace UConn Lecturer
77 Cuyler Warnock University of South Carolina
78 Terrin Warren University of Georgia
79 Max Weinreich Brown
80 Daniel Winton George Washington University
81 Liang Xiao UConn Lecturer
82 Yuan Yan UMass Amherst
83 Luochen Zhao Rutgers